Titan Mu Online Updates V4

New updates have been added, to play run Game Update.exe or download the patch manually HERE

Fixed Apocalypse Illusion knight mix
Improved Custom Options by displaying inactive (greyed) option
Added new command /penta for starter players
Starting players now has 2lvl wings equipped
Ice Wind Event now is starts 18.30 registration starts 18.00 /regicewind
Added VIP1 extra reset points: 50
[FIX] Third artifact option did not display properly after reset
[FIX] Invalid description and functionality of selected artifact options
[FIX] Use of Darkness or Berserker buffs of Summoner could lead in invalid HP calculation
[FIX] Invalid/negative time being shown for certain events after use of /events command
[FIX] Blocked ability to ride a Dark Horse by character classes not allowed to do it



Published by Admin 03/05/2023