New updates have been added, to play run Game Update.exe or download the patch manually HERE

Fixed Apocalypse Illusion knight mix
Improved Custom Options by displaying inactive (greyed) option
Added new command /penta for starter players
Starting players now has 2lvl wings equipped
Ice Wind Event now is starts 18.30 registration starts 18.00 /regicewind
Added VIP1 extra reset points: 50
[FIX] Third artifact option did not display properly after reset
[FIX] Invalid description and functionality of selected artifact options
[FIX] Use of Darkness or Berserker buffs of Summoner could lead in invalid HP calculation
[FIX] Invalid/negative time being shown for certain events after use of /events command
[FIX] Blocked ability to ride a Dark Horse by character classes not allowed to do it



ADDED: 03/05/2023

TitanMu Season 18 Part 1-3 X1000 Opening 14.April

Version: Season 18
EXP: 1000x Dynamic
Drop rate: High Exc drop/Medium Jewel drop
Total Max Level: 1500
Points per Level: 5/7 Master points: 1 (make GR to make Full skill tree)
Maximum stats: 32000
10 account per IP/HDID


Reset information, reset exp table HERE

400lvl in game type: /reset, costs 1kk zen * Reset (max cost 300kk), Reward: 10Wcoins 500 RUUD
Stats burns: Free stats: 500, Max reset 400, Max stats: 32000, Balanced PVP & PVE
Experience Normal/Mastery/Majestic 1000x

Startergift: In game type

  • /startergift to claim LVL1 lucky set(right click on ticket to get +15 item) and
  • /panda to get 3day Brown panda ring & Pet! As well as player invetory has small wings, exc weapon!
  • /fenrir to get red fenrir

To provide long-term quality and game excitement, a custom reset system is made, with more resets players get less experience, but brings more Wcoins rewards! Players can conquer higher-level maps, where the top items drop and monster kills give more experience!

Extra rankings & Rewards: 8 Levels

0-9 Resets: 1000Exp: Icon name: Newbie
10-49 Resets: 500Exp: Icon name: Rookie, Reset buff: 5% PVE Damage/ 5% HP
50-99 Resets: 300Exp: Icon name: Talented, Reset buff: 10% PVE Damage/ 10% HP
100-149 Resets: 200Exp: Icon name: Skilled, Reset buff: 15% PVE Damage/ 15% HP
150-249 Resets: 100Exp: Icon name: Experienced, Reset buff: 20% PVE Damage/ 20% HP
250-349 Resets: 50Exp: Icon name: Advanced, Reset buff: 30% PVE Damage/ 30% HP
350-449 Resets: 25Exp: Icon name: Senior, Reset buff: 40% PVE Damage/ 40% HP
450-500 Resets: LOW Exp: Icon name: Expert, Reset buff: 50% PVE Damage/ 50% HP

Reset milestone gifts

Reset10: Second level random wings box
Reset50: Ghost Horse
Reset100: Rage Earrings FO
Reset150: Ice Dragon +15
Reset250: Third Wing Box
Reset350: Gladiators Dager Pentagram +15
Reset500: Wings of Conqueror +15

Grand Reset: From 400Resets, Stats and resets burns, players starts from 1lvl. Master Exp/Level/Points Stays!

Grand reset reward: 5000 PlayPoints + 150'000 RUUD

Play to Win Plan: (more events soon)
Earn PlayPoints: Grand Resets
Earn Wcoins: Resets, Sell items in personal store, Drop Box of kundun
Earn Goblin points: 1 level = 1Goblin point
Earn ruud: Blood Castle, Varka Event, Silver Golde Boxes, 800+level maps: Ruud Boxes

Golden Hunter: Hunt gold mobs, spawns every 3hours on CH1, Spawn location announced! By dropping boxes that drop from goldens, they give Wcoins: +5Box -50Wc, +4Box -40Wc, +3Box -30Wc, +1Box -10Wc

VIP system: Any donation gives player a VIP status in website and game! VIP hides player location on website rankings, doubles /offlevel time to 24hours! 4 VIP gifts applies!

Useful commands:

/events Check events time
/addstats Automatically distribute all stats evenly on all positions
/antilag Check antilag info to boost FPS
/npc Open NPC Shop
/store Open Warehouse 

Drops on All maps:

Pets: Panda, Skeleton, Pet unicorn, Demon, Spirit of Guardian
Silver, Gold medals: Items, Weapons +11+13, 10% FO Chance
Box of Luck: Jewels
Chocolate/Candy boxes: Exc items and weapons/Ancient items: 10% FO Chance

Xshop: Buy or Gift Buffs, Pets, Seals, Wings, Jewels
Offtrade: Sell your items to other players while being offline
Personal store: Sell your items to other players for Wcoins

Offlevel: 12hours regular offleveling/ 24hours VIP

All Elites drops Items/Weapons, Spawns every 3hour after killed! Spawn location announced. 10% FO item chance!

ADDED: 26/12/2021