Titan Mu Updates v5

Hello, we are happy announced that mu online Anti-Cheat system have been improved a lot on this update!!!
Change-log of all mu online updates!

Fixed possible game client performance issue due to reconnect system
Fixed Ruud Shop duration attribute not working properly
Fixed Pentagram Punish option invalid behavior
Fixed Ferea Boss Battle Zone issue
Fixed duration disappear after Muun evolution
Added mu online Season 12 Event Find Bomb Mini Game
Fixed Item Bags Count attribute does not work in specified scenarios, e.g. Gremory Case
Fixed Guild Alliance window does not display allies properly
Fixed  pentagram 0 sockets drop issue
Added new anti-speed hack system
Fixed "God Mode" hack vulnerability
Fixed selection of issues with Ancients of Tierr II, III and IV
Blocked mu online Teleport Hack

Posted 20 / 08 / 2017 By admin

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