Titan Mu Online Season 12 x200 Server

Hello Titan Mu Online players, new server x200 Grand Opening 1. July!

Opening times!
18.00  UTC +2 (Latvia)
23.00 UTC +8 (Philippines)
12.00 UTC -3 (Argentina)


Exp: 200x
Max character level: 400
Master exp: 150x
Max Master LVL: 420
Jewels of Soul +luck= 90%
Jewel of Soul without luck= 70%
Life =70% (+16 option Max)

No item shop, only in-game hunted and muonline crafted items
Cash shop: Enabled
Offtrade: Sell your items for Wcoins (enabled in devias only)
Small spots: 3-5 Mobs
Sockets + Excelent options= Disabled
Ancient + Exc= Disabled

Global Post: 200lvl 100k zen
Mu Online Party exp system: Bronze, Silver, Gold
Gens battles
380 & 400  lvl items requirements removed
Auto Party
Mu Bot = Free
Blood castle: Drops New an old AA Weapons, 5% chance on Exc AA weapon
Character creation MG: 1 lvl, DL: 1 lvl, SUM: 1 lvl, GL: 1 LVL

Reset system:
From 400lvl 2kk* zen
Stats burns: 500 free stats
Max reset: 30

Grand reset: From 30 resets
Stats burns: Bonuss stats each GR: 3000
Bonuss grand reset stats stays each reset!
Max grand resets 10

Posted 22 / 06 / 2017 By admin

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