Hello Titan Mu Online players today was server was updated with new bugs fixs, hundreds of bugs was fixed!

Added: Core Magriffy boss
Fixed: Chaos machine bugs: combinations stuck etc
Fixed: Grow lancer skills
Fixed: Grow lancer master skill tree
Fixed: Ather classes skill tree isues
Fixed: Not working exc options
Fixed: GrowLancer with cloak cant warp to Icarus
Fixed: Cant combine Ancient Soul Hero in chaosmachine
Fixed: Elf does not heal GL when in the party.
Fixed: Heal doesnt work with GL
Fixed: Cant combine Ancient Soul Hero in chaosmachine
Fixed: Elemental damage of Harsh Strike,Magic Pin must be same hit count as normal damage
Fixed: Obsidian PowUp cant be use.

ADDED: 07 / 07 / 2016

New mu online updates added, run launcher to get it automatically!

Added moves to barracks, refuge, crywolf and new mu online map Nars
Added more mobs in Nars
Added Mirage Lancer Master Skill Tree
Updated Master Skill Trees for all classes
Added Lorencia battle ring

Updated grand reset reward: 500 to 1000 credits!
Added item shop in website (grow lancer items will be added soon)
Added VIP system!

and lot more!

ADDED: 26 / 06 / 2016

Titan Mu Online Season 10 opening at 15. June

Server made for true mu online max style fans, fast level ups (exp: x9999), fast resets,
 easy to get best gear, to start PVP and participate in guild wars and PVP events!
Get maxed fast and to free mu online world from evil bosses which will bring best loot!
If this settings interest you, this server is for YOU!
Join the gran opening at 15. June!

New character grow lancer, new skills, maps new muun pets and more!
Exp: x9999, MExp: x9999, Drop: 75%,  PPL: 20/20/20, ML Points: 5 per level!

High Exc drop!
High jewel/gemstones drop!
Easy FO items!

Ticket support!
Earn credits on resets/Grand Resets!
Vote reward!

Mu online season 10 X episode 3 grow lancer info:

New character grow lancer
New blood angel sets for each class
New skills for grow lancer
New muun pets and options
Uruk mountain and silver boss are
Skill imprint system
Ruud currency
Evomon system

ADDED: 26 / 06 / 2016
Currently this is only one server.