Fixed party maintenance system sometimes not restoring party members properly
Fixed splash damage not working on selection of 4th skills
Fixed Bat Flock skill attack logic
Fixed Sword Inertia skill attack logic
Fixed Bonf buff stops to work when another player joins the party
Fixed visual problems for selected bound wings
Fixed Sword Inertia attack issues
Fixed 4th Wing Add Damage skill

Added Extra option for 4th wings, if wings are +15 HP buff 250000 HP is added!

ADDED: 21/03/2022

TitanMu Season 17 X100 Opening 25.March Opening delayed to 25.march

Server Opening 19.March! The server is based on low experience rate, and settings are made for NORESET experience (PVP and PVE) hunting crafting and leveling with the latest Season 17 Features as well a lot of useful customs that makes game more easy and enjoyable!
NoReset servers gets boring fast as players can reach Top Level easily, we have added 10 resets with 300 bonus points for each reset, which makes game more exciting in longterm! Farming and grinding on TitanMu x100 is now more fun, as the great features of NoReset style is still here!

Opening times at 19.March: or check countdown at website

[UTC +2, 17.00-Poland]
[UTC +8, 23.00-Philipines]
[UTC -3 12.00-Argentina]

    Version Season 17
    Gaming style: Hunt/Level/PVP
    Exp Regular/Master/Majestic 100x Dynamic
    Drop 75%
    Custom Reset style:  Reset in website, items to claim in game with commands /lvl1 /lvl2 /lvl3 /lvl4 /lvl5 /lvl6 /lvl7 /lvl8 when reset count is reached
    Maximum resets 10+! Low stats, each reset gives extra 300 Points!
    Wcoins: Win Ice Wind Walley and other top Events
    Wcoins: Win Ice Wind Walley and other top Events
    Jewel of Ancient, Jewel of Excellent, Jewel of Gem drops from Mini bosses like sheeps etc
    Goblin Points shop: Participate in events to get Exp seals, Buffs, Pets, Jewels

Extras on drops.
Golden monsters drops boxes of kundun, those drops Soul and better weapons
Silver boxes + Silver keys, drops from 200+ and higher level maps, 50% chance 1 or 2 lvl wings, 50% 10k ruud
Gold boxes + Golden key, drops from 300+ and higher level maps 50% chance 2.5 lvl wings, 50% 20k ruud

Dynamic exp system: We have a reset milestones with rankings and ingame icon when a player is in range of those resets! After breaking reset milestone player can claim reset reward in website!

Resets burns stats, and master level gives 300 points and rewards!
1 Reset: Requirement 375lvl
2 Reset: Requirement 400lvl
3 Reset: Requirement 400lvl 25ML (Master level)
4 Reset: Requirement 400lvl 100ML (Master level)
5 Reset: Requirement 400lvl 150ML (Master level)
6 Reset: Requirement 400lvl 250ML (Master level)
7 Reset: Requirement 400lvl 400ML (Master level)
8 Reset: Requirement 400lvl 650ML (Master level)
9-10 Reset: Requirement 400lvl 800ML (Master level)


0-1 Resets; Icon name: NOOB, Claim Red Fenrir +300 Wcoins
2 Resets; Icon name: Rookie, Claim Jewel of Excellent, Jewel of Gem, Jewel of Ancient. Jewel of Level +300 Wcoins
3 Resets; Icon name: Talented, Claim 50k Ruud Box, Ancient hero Soul +300 Wcoins
4 Resets: Icon name: Skilled, 2x FO Rings +300 Wcoins
5 Resets: Icon name: Experienced, Conqueror Badge +300 Wcoins
6 Resets: Icon name: Advanced, Claim Gladiators Dagger +300 Wcoins
7 Resets: Icon name: Senior, Lucky Set Level2 +15 +300 Wcoins
8-10 Resets: Icon name: Expert, Wings Of Power +15FO Custom +1000 Wcoins
Reset experience rate is reduced slightly with higher resets, but as players can level on higher maps with better drop and higher level monsters which gives more experience!


ADDED: 12/03/2022

New updates have been made to the server, to play run Update.exe to get client updates automatically or download the manual patch HERE

Fixed an issue where characters could bypass SD without having SD bypass
Added Brilliant Mastery Set for Lemuria Mage and Light Wizard
Added Manticore Orb/Book
Added mastery mixes for newly added items
Fixed an issue where characters could bypass SD without having SD bypass
Fixed skill tree 4th wings damage increase for Slayer not working
Fixed MuHelper does not auto-repair guardian items
Fixed Personal Store search issue
Fixed Harmony Option are not being displayed
Fixed enchant effect of selected mastery items

ADDED: 08/03/2022

New updates have been applied to the server option client patch is required! Run update.exe to receive it! Or download manually HERE and extract over your game client!
Update raklion socket items for new characters! All socket iems drops in raklion
Added 2 new jewel, jewel of excellent (adds 1 option to exc item) Jewel of Gem, makes non exc item excellent. These jewels drop from Golden Monsters and Sheeps!

Updated rare pets options.

And more fixed that was reported!


ADDED: 31/01/2022

New updates have been applied to the server! To play game run Updates.exe from game folder or download patch HERE and extract it over your game client

Enabled Castle Siege, registration from Monday 24.January, Siege at 29. January

Ice Wind Walley event for guilds: Every day 17.30 (registration 17.00) Command to register: /reqicewind

Ice wing current reward: 1000Wcoins 50000 RUUD

Fixed Mastery Pentagram Options decreasing ATK/DMG
Fixed game client stuck upon particular cases
Fixed Slayer MST skills (Weapon, Min/Max ATK Increase)
Fixed bound wings view
Fixed Game Client crash
Updated item drops
Increased elemental damage
Decreased Elites HP amount (needs Elemental damage to kill)
Added spots Old Kethotum map + Elites (gives Wcoins)

Nerfed GunCrusher (GC is still the best PVE character)

Fixed drop list display on website DROP LIST
Added Grand reset in website

ADDED: 19/01/2022